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About Us

Thanks for visiting our about us page. In these next few pages we are trying to give you an idea of who we are, put names to faces and make communication that is so important to our business, that much easier.

How we started

Our team (Paul, Chris and John) joined forces in the early months of 2008. From three separate ends of the universe - Berkshire, Malta and Merseyside - we came together following an introduction at a small web design company in Liverpool which was unfortunately coming to its end. Even though it was short-lived, this gave us the opportunity to identify what it was that most web companies were getting wrong. With this knowledge safely under our belts we began applying our unique marketing and optimisation strategies to a few small websites. Following the continued success of our test websites, we did the smart thing and used website and search engine data to refine our techniques. Once we had our services boxed off, Essio Marketing Ltd was officially registered in October 2008 and our products began to sell.

Why we stand out

During your venture of comparing online marketing companies, you will be wondering what make this company any different from the previous, or the next. Here are our fundamental points that make us stand out from the crowd:
  • Quality This has already been mentioned, but it is very important to us. We enjoy the quiet satisfaction of knowing that a job has been done well, even when it’s just the background work that no one else gets to see.
  • Personal Service We don’t believe in call centres. You only ever talk to one of us three gentlemen, we do not hire sales staff. Our account managers get you a one point contact, ensuring that you know the personal handling your account, and knowledge that you wont be jumping from pillar to post dealing with a phone operator ... yes, we know, what a relief!
  • Innovative Thinking We are always online, always dealing with new markets, new industry and as a result always find new opportunities for our clients. Constantly coming up with new ideas and themes we like to share with clients that we believe could benefit from such opportunities.
  • Unique Strategies Our strategies have been developed by ourselves through combining the best of what is available and applying lengthy monitoring and adjustments to develop the best possible methods. All our services are constantly being monitored and adjusted to keep them on top of their game.

Essio family values

It is important to us that our clients receive the maximum online results possible. As such, we value quality above any other aspect of our work and always go the extra mile, not because we feel we need to, but because we can’t help it.
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