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Pay Per Click Services

Essio Marketing is an internet marketing agency that specialises in Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising or as it is also referred to, Search Engine Marketing. PPC is quick to set up and is an accurate way of targeting people on the search engines that are looking to purchase your products and services. It is flexible and allows tight management of expenditure.

“Our innovative and tested marketing strategies allow us to work efficiently and effectively on your business’s search engine marketing campaigns.”

The most widely accepted PPC platform is Google Adwords and then the Bing/Yahoo search alliance of Adcenter. There are various other alternative PPC platforms available on the web and social media sites such as Facebook and other smaller niche networks. One, some, or all of these platforms may be used in a campaign that will target people who are suitable for your products or services.

Pay Per Click in a Nutshell

The concept is simple and it is based on bidding against other competitors to position your advert in the search engine’s results pages. The higher you bid the higher the position of your advert. A Pay per Click campaign begins with research and an investigation into effective keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to your company’s products and services.  When users type these particular words or phrases into Google it triggers an advert. These adverts are created in such a way as to encourage the right type of user to click on them. These potential buyers are then directed to your website. Google pre-determines the average cost of each keyword click called Cost Per Click and this money is paid by the advertiser directly to Google. Costs per click can vary from pennies to tens of pounds.

Measuring for Success

To ensure campaign effectiveness we monitor and measure success levels in a variety of ways depending on your campaign requirements. Your campaign may be geared towards having a specific cost per sale, or cost per conversion, a need for low cost per clicks or may be used for brand awareness. A general rule of thumb is to compare the costs of all the clicks against the profit made by the leads or sales generated by the users visiting your website.  This provides you with a simple formula for a return of your investment.

PPC Solutions for Every Business

Essio Marketing offers a variety of services that are designed for businesses that are new to Pay Per Click, companies that are currently running campaigns looking to improve effectiveness and companies using the platform to test long term search engine optimisation.  The main areas of expertise we offer amongst others are:

  • Consultancy
  • Account Set Up
  • Account Management
  • Account Analysis & Improvement
  • SEO Keyword Testing
  • Conversion Analysis

Why Choose Essio Marketing
for Your PPC?

Essio Marketing have been providing Pay Per Click Services and running pay per click campaigns successfully for clients for over 3 years. We manage small campaigns with a few keywords and small click costs to campaigns with thousands of keywords and click costs in the tens of pounds. Each campaign is treated with the same methodical approach and the desire to gain the highest return of investment possible for our clients.

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