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Aids 4 Mobility Portfolio

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Aids 4 Mobility Overview

As a company whose target market is the elderly and disabled, we built a website for Aids 4 Mobility that was usable for people of all abilities, as well as appealing to general users who are purchasing for someone else.

Shopping Cart and Search

Two of the most important facilities for the users of this particular website are the shopping cart and search. As such, we have made these clearly visible and easily accessible from the header section of every page throughout the website.

Secure Shopping

With the increasing online security risks it makes sense to take every step to improve security. Aids 4 Mobility is hosted on a constantly monitored sever, makes use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and is developed to the security standards of World Pay (the chosen merchant).

User Accounts

For each customer that uses the website an account is created that the user can securely access with their login details. This facility allows the user to keep track of their order, and also enables Aids 4 Mobility to keep their current users up to date and market to abandoned carts.

Product Control

It can be hard to keep your products up to date, but we have provided Aids 4 Mobility with a bulk update and insert facility. With this, staff can download product lists and upload updates or insert a new line of products quickly and easily.

Amazon and eBay

At the request of Aids 4 Mobility we have integrated Amazon and eBay into their admin panel. This gives them the freedom to keep their adverts on Amazon and eBay via their ecommerce shop, keeping everything they need in one place.

Social Marketing

Many users of this website will be under a disability themselves, and since this section of the target market often conduct much of their social lives online, social marketing offers a great opportunity to get these products and services shared and with users’ friends. For this we have placed social marketing links on every product page, as well as a rating option which is shared with every visitor to the product page.


The website includes gift vouchers and discount codes, which are created and distributed by Aids 4 Mobility staff. This gives our client complete control over the sales conduct of their products and services, as well as the ability to monitor the success rate of each.

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