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Labella Bridal Portfolio

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Labella Bridal Overview

Labella Bridal first approached us in 2009 asking us to redesign their website. Today after increasing their traffic by more than 1200% we now manage and maintain their entire online presence.

Customised Banners

Labella Bridal's traffic is primarily women who are looking for products and services for their special wedding day. With this in mind, we built customised banners for every category page, making each page that little more special and promoting the look the selected category is offering.

Easy Navigation

As a website offering a large selection of outfits, it is important that users can navigate the site, jumping between categories and information with ease. The double navigation on the Labella Bridal site allows quick access to information pages, but also a constantly accessible category navigation, which is key to the site usability.

Social Links

We understand that social media plays a big role in user's Internet experience. For this reason we added social links to key pages throughout the site, allowing users to share products on the website with their friends around the world.

Search by ID Facility

As a site with a lot of products it can be hard for users to find a dress that they were looking at when they were on another computer and writing down URLs can be a tedious process. With our search ID facility users can make a note of the dress ID, which is shorter than a URL, and then type it into the search to quickly find the same dress again.

Custom Admin Section

There are a number of facilities that the staff at Labella Bridal need access to in order to maintain their website, such as testimonials and advertisements. So we built a customised admin section that gives them the control they need, with add-ons that allow them to grow with the site and their market.

Custom Blog

We recommended the use of a blog the site to gain a larger reach to customers and potential customers. The only problem with blogs is that they can look like a completely separate site and put the customer off. Labella Bridal has a customised blog that fit in with their website design, offering the user reassurance as well as an enjoyable user experience.

Ecommerce Shop

Labella Bridal has a number of products which can be sold online, so we incorporated an ecommerce section on their website. This enables users to may a direct purchase 24/7, which in turn gives Labella Bridal the ability to trade anytime day or night.

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