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Live Sports Bars Portfolio

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Live Sports Bars Overview

As the number one online search engine for UK sports bars, we needed to make sure that the Live Sports Bars website could meet the demands of sports fans using the website as well as handle the large amounts of traffic it achieves.

Search Facility

Live Sports Bars’ users demand information fast, looking for a close pub that is showing a sports event that they want to watch. For this reason we developed a search facility that is not only fast and accurate, but also very easy to use. Users can select their sport and enter their location, with custom predictive text to ensure we get their location precise.

Results Pages

The search results pages have been built with the user in mind. Information that helps a user quickly narrow down a pub that is suitable for them, including distance from their location, opening times and events being shown at the pub. The layout of each result clearly shows how to view more information and which bars are showing their sports event.

User Managed Profiles

Not every bar is the same, so not every profile is the same. Each profile has been put together by the bar owners, enabling them to highlight key information about their bar along with photos, fixtures and social networks.

Admin Control Panel

Websites operating on this scale can be hard to manage, but the custom admin section we built allows users to manage their pubs individually or on a mass scale. There is also advanced admin features available to top administrators, where they can manage and control the whole site as they need.

Over 250,000 Users

The SEO marketing efforts of Essio Marketing has gained the Live Sports Bars website over 250,000 users. With this amount of traffic the site needs to keep the users happy and our statistics show exactly that, with less than 30% bounce rate and users viewing an average of 5 pages.

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